Writer’s Guidelines


GWN Christian News is always looking for contributions from freelance writers with a Christian point of view. Before pitching, please read over our past articles to make sure your idea is in line with our demographics. Also, please pitch a clear idea stating exactly what you want to write about it, the point you want to make or message you want to convey and how you plan to do it. Additionally, include links to published work and your blog/website if you have one, and state if you have access to high-resolution photos.

*Note: We do not accept pitches from companies and PR representatives. If you are a company or PR rep, please visit our Advertising page.

Paid Contributions

Contributors whose pieces are accepted under this category will receive a link back to their website, social media promotion of their piece and $15 payment upon publication. While there is no particular word count for paid contributions, these types of articles should be in-depth and encompassing. For this reason, detailed pitches are best to avoid confusion later on. Access to high-resolution photos is a plus. Potential paid article topics include but are not limited to:

Immersive Narratives

This can be about a travel encounter, exploration of an epicurious region, a weekend spent in an eco-friendly accommodation with a delicious food and wine program or a journey that led to inner exploration.

Tip Guides

These are guides telling travelers how to do a particular thing, for example, how to take stellar food photos, how to properly taste teas, how to drink coffee like an Italian, how to act like a wine connoisseur when you don’t know what Shiraz is, etc.


Cultural Guides (Narrative)

These guides should take one particular occurrence of a culture and go in depth on how to understand it. For example, a guide on how to properly greet people in Spain would work, as long as you had a narrative to back up your experience learning this. These stories are especially good if there is a conflict of some kind, i.e., you made a faux pas during the greeting and then were corrected.

Recipe Stories

For this section, detailed recipes and photographs of the dish are required. There also must be a story to go along with the dish, whether it be a personal narrative of living with a family in Italy and helping your house mother cook it or how the recipe has been handed down for generations since your family came from Germany. If you don’t have a narrative to go along with the recipe and photo, you may also explain in detail the significance of the dish and its ingredients to the culture of origin and occasions it is prepared on.

Guest Posts (Christian P.O.V)

Contributors whose pitches are accepted as guest posts will receive a link back to their website as well as social media promotion of the article. Potential guest post topics include:

Photo Essays

A selection of beautiful photographs pertaining to one focus, for example, wildlife in South Africa, a particular eco-lodge in Australia or a degustation and wine pairing event from a sustainable restaurant in New York.


If you hear about a news story pertaining to a restaurant opening, sustainable hotel opening, eco-friendly invention or trend, etc., feel free to write something up on it.

Angle-Specific Roundups

We’re not against roundups, however, they must have a clear focus. While 5 Things To Do In Cuzco will not get accepted, 5 Ways To Enjoy Chocolate In Cuzco probably would. Please try to stay away from overdone angles, i.e., 5 Inca Sites Near Cuzco, and aim for something more under-the-radar.

First Rights

Writers will be paid upon publication via PayPal. Once published, GWN Christian News acquires first rights to the story. The Author represents and warrants that he/she is the sole author of the contribution, that the contribution is original, and, to the best of his/her knowledge, the contribution does not contain any libelous material.


If you would like to pitch an idea to the editor, please use the contact form below and put “submissions” in the subject line. Please include links to published work and your blog if you have one.

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